Enjoy your halloween with Git stash!

I'm now 5 weeks into my aprenticeship at and I can safely say I know what serious sleep deprivation is. Just 3 more months of 4 hours of sleep per night to go! But really, it's been easy to push myself as the time just seems to fly when I'm sitting at a text editor and hitting refresh for the zillionith time (I guess I should really look into that livereload plugin!). All this coding means a lot of git. I'm currently on a 21 day streak at github! Which is to say, I'm getting a lot more friendly with some git commands and venturing past the essential add, push, commit, etc...

Speaking of which, one of my team members in the bloc hacker club turned me onto a great one the other day: git stash. I'm sure you know the scenario I'm about to lay out. You were just taking a peek at something in your master branch when inspiration struck and you start adding some clever refactors...that lead to maybe something more than just a simple refactoring.

The two states of every programmer

In fact, several hours later you've touched so many files and fallen so far down the rabbit hole that you think, hmmm....I better step away from this. Let me just commit and I'll come back to this idea later. But, oh no! you didn't branch... You don't want to contaminate your master with your crazy, delirious, late night coding follies. Do you?

Well, I'm sure there are a variety of approaches you could take but my new favorite is git stash. Don't commit. Just stash it. Create your new branch and then run git stash apply. In the process, you'll keep your master clean and create a new branch with all of your changes:

git stash
git checkout -b late-night-delerium-branch
git stash apply
git add .
git commit -m 'either crazy genius or superb foolishness'

You can have more than one stash. Run git stash list to see what you've stashed and then apply the one of your choice. Neat trick! I've got a lot more git to explore of course. Code School in particular seems to have a pretty comprehensive course I'm sandwiching in somewhere between learning HAML and VIM. If you have any cool git tips or comments, feel free to share them with me on twitter: @daylightsavings. Happy Halloween!

Full-stack all the way

Big news! I recently made the jump and decided to sign up for the Full-stack Apprenticeship at I'm on a 4 month track for Ruby on Rails. Expect to see some nice web apps posted here soon.

By the way, if you find yourself interested in signing up for an online code bootcamp, I found the following video, where The Coursereport interviews several students from different online institutions, including Tealeaf, Firehose Project,, Thinkful and others. Watch it here. It clocks in at over an hour but well worth it if you are considering one of these online bootcamps.

Another Codepen

Encouraged with my first experiment in codepen, I set out to make another. I was still interested in using the blur filter and wanted to find other possible application.

What came to mind was a pop-up or modal that, instead of darkening the background, blurs it out. You can check out the results here on CodePen

Again, I was surprised that this pen actually got 'picked'. I'm 2 for 2 on Codepen now!

First Codepen...and it's picked!

I've often been amazed by the things people do on Codepen, pushing the envelope with cutting edge CSS and JS. The spirit of it is kind of infectious, so I had to give it a try myself. For my very first pen I decided to play around with something I'd just recently discovered, CSS filters. In particular, the blur().

I crafted and posted it and checked back in 12 hours later and was pleasantly surprised that my pen was listed among the featured, 'Picked' pens on codepen's front page. Wow. That's encouraging for my first pen. In any case, here it is if you want to check it out:

See the Pen 3d CSS balls by Benjamin Dalton (@jaeming) on CodePen.

The idea here is to use the blur filter to simulate depth of field and use transform and boxshadow: inset to enhance the 3D illusion. I've got a few ideas about using this in other ways. Can't wait for wider browser support.

It Begins!

So I've finally taken a moment to revive and I'll be making a good effort to update it with posts on a re-occurring basis! Hold on tight.

I suppose the biggest change in my life recently is I have began to learn a new craft that I like to think of as 'The Art and Science of Coding'. That's good, right? It should be a book title! I started Treehouse and did their 60+ hour Front-end Developer track, which was a great introduction to web development.

Now I'm moving on to other learning resources and just generally practicing my craft every free moment I get. My new credo is "Code Everyday!" Wish me luck!

Photograph of Benji

Code Every Day

There's a certain sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes with crafting something. I've always been fascinated by the connection of science and art, the balance of technique and creative vision. The duality in those supposedly opposite spectrums, like yin and yang, come together in a beatiful way, complimenting each other. In any case, at some point I began to feel an interest in the art and science of coding. How far down the rabbit hole will I go? It's a long way down...

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